Removable Batteries Should Return
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Removable Batteries Should Return

The decision of smartphone manufacturers to set aside the removable batteries has been one of the letdowns of the decade. This feature is one of the most useful things that ever happened in this age of smartphones.

When Removable Batteries Went Away

Since the demise of the removable battery on smartphones, handsets became nothing more than a short-term disposable device. Since batteries are the first (natural) casualty in total usage of an average consumer, this becomes an issue.

It is sad for an owner to accept that a fully functioning device has not much use because it can only hold a charge for a short period of time. So by essence, the consumer has the choice to either find a technician or service center to replace the battery (if they happen to have a spare) or buy a new device altogether.

But not everyone can afford new handsets. And most especially, not everyone wants to part from their beloved device.

Removable Batteries

When you can see that your phone can still perform well, why get rid of it now? This is very much true especially if your smartphone is a flagship device from two years ago.

A flagship smartphone was released with the highest top of the line hardware. So it is basically future proof for the next three years or so.

But since batteries on a smartphone nowadays are lucky to last a good full year, what happens now to your ever so reliable flagship handset? Does it become useless?

Sure, an authorized service center can provide a replacement for that battery, but for an expensive cost. Not to mention the hassle of waiting for when your handset can be ready.

Can you still remember back in the days when batteries are the only thing you have to purchase to make your cellphone feels like brand new again? Those are the good times.

The Dilemma of Getting a New Smartphone

For an average consumer, the dilemma starts when you realize that the reason for setting aside the removable battery feature is for the waterproofing of the phone. But then again, most smartphones today do not have a waterproof certification or IP68.

In fact, you are even lucky enough if you got the IP67 rating on your handset. The IP ratings are mostly found on flagship devices. And most people cannot afford flagships.

So why get rid of the option to replace the battery? If it is an outlet that they want, online stores are a thing now. And that is an option for users to avail one whenever we need one. Plus, they can still gain profit from it if they want.

When more smartphones have removable batteries, then there is more extra income for them. Isn’t that how business works? I may not be an expert on this part of the topic, but I know that many consumers will agree.

In Conclusion

Bring back the removable battery feature. If manufacturers are not putting any waterproofing feature on the device, make the battery replaceable.

The problem with today’s smartphone manufacturers is that they want their handsets to sell. They brag about its durability and all, but they still offer short term devices because batteries cannot outlast the other parts of the smartphone.

They can boast about Gorilla Glass 5, but batteries that came with them simply cannot last long. So again, why not bring back removable batteries if you are not putting IP67 or IP68 ratings in them?

I understand that this argument is not for the higher class society who can afford to replace their handsets every six months or so. So this article is for those who are like me; not willing to upgrade when my device can still keep up with what I do.

Let us enjoy our beloved smartphone device for as long as we can or as long as we want. Some of us are not interested in the latest bells and whistles of a new smartphone release. We just want practicality and function that fit our needs. We do not want fancy stuff when the current device that we use is still as reliable as ever.

So what do you think about removable batteries? Do you think that they should return? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. We would like to know your side on this.


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