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MySpace “Accidentally” Deleted You

If you were in MySpace or uploaded songs on MySpace between the years 2003 to 2015, you better have some backups. It was recently confirmed that MySpace, a former popular social media site, just “accidentally” deleted all the songs from their database.

MySpace Removed You and Your Data

Last year, MySpace was reported to migrate their servers to a new location. It was then that the social media site released an announcement that they have experienced some technical issues with the transfer of data.

But recently, it would seem that there are more than just a few glitches that occurred back then. MySpace just confirmed that tons of data had been lost during the said migration. Songs from 2003 up to 2015 were reported were gone for good. That’s around 50 millions of songs.

The worst part is that not only songs were deleted at the time. Videos and pictures were also erased from their servers. And there is no way of getting them back any time soon.

MySpace was one of the top social media platforms for people back in early 2000. It was the stage for many artists at the time. In fact, a lot of artists that were popular at the time were launched or rose to fame from MySpace.

It was until Facebook took over the popularity and put MySpace behind for good. Since then, their downfall accelerated significantly.

And now since people have completely forgotten MySpace in their life, they also decided to forget that you existed in their platform. And by doing so, they also deleted any sign of their users’ existence inside their platform for the last 12 years.

Was it really an accident?

Some rumors suggest that MySpace’s action to remove data for the full 12 years was intentional. It could be the company’s decision to unburden themselves of the maintenance that comes with keeping those files inside their database.

This is similar to what Friendster did with their database as well. They totally deleted all of the files from pictures to videos and everything else about Friendster except the name. Another case of removing unwanted features inside a good product.

This smells like a similar strategy. In your opinion, do you believe about MySpace explanation? Was it really an accident? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. This should be an interesting topic.

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