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Windows 10’s Microsoft Edge is now Built on Chromium

After some known bugs and reported issues on the Windows 10’s Microsoft Edge, finally, it has now migrated to Chromium. Will this be the shift that will make Microsoft Edge get a top spot on most used web browsers?

Microsoft Edge on Chrome Preview

The announcement was clear a few months ago that the Microsoft Edge is not working seamlessly on most Google services and other popular social media platform. It could be that Google is deliberately trying to sabotage Microsoft or something else entirely.

So Microsoft decided that it is time to play the game on Google’s backyard.  This is where Chromium becomes the new core of Microsoft Edge.

This report was based and confirmed on a recently uploaded video from Windows Central on YouTube. It showcased a new Microsoft Edge interface running on Chromium entirely.

While this has not been a surprise, it gave a new outlook as to what the Edge browser will be once it takes its final form. And when the next Windows 10 update is released, this new well and improved Microsoft Edge will finally be available globally.


New Impression

Watching the video on how Microsoft Edge performs, it was quite impressive. YouTube is now loading almost instantly. Twitter also responds immediately. And other websites that used to load a bit sluggish on old Edge browser works pretty fine.

We also saw some similar features from the old Edge core. While they are not significant, this will help Edge users to feel somewhat still at home despite the new look.

The dark mode seems to be promising as the Microsoft Edge looks to adapt it while still in beta. This should be in line with the recent report that the Google Chrome 74 beta will add the same dark mode as well.

Here is the best part. Since the Microsoft Edge will be working on the Chromium core, all Google add-ons and plugins should also work on this Edge browser version. That means more features will be added and more productivity options are available once it reaches its final form.


Final Thoughts

If you are interested in this new Windows 10 Microsoft Edge web browser version, make sure to update your Windows build to the latest April release. Also, the migration or importing of data from old Edge and other web browsers to the new Microsoft Edge was promised to be as easy as doing it on Google Chrome.

And for that, we will be looking forward to our hands-on to this seemingly beautiful transformation that is Microsoft Edge on Chromium. So what do you guys think of the new Edge browser? Do you like it? Do you feel like giving it a chance? Tell us down in the comment section below. We would love to know your thoughts on this.


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