LG V20 Pie Update

LG V20 Pie Official Upgrade Caught Us Off Guard

Well, to be honest, I already know about the LG V20 Pie beta tests for the Android Pie OS version. I saw it just a couple of months ago from an LG forum about V20 supports and all. But what I don’t know and did not expect is the fact that the LG V20 Pie Official upgrade is going to roll out as soon as October 31st. Or at least, that is when I got the notification that there is an available update.

LG V20 Pie Official Upgrade

At first, I thought it was just another one of those update reminders to install LG’s proprietary apps. But as I took a little closer look, it was actually a different update.

So I tapped the update banner, and lo and behold, an OS upgrade that is mainly in Korean characters. The only English word that I can comprehend is the Pie OS word.

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To my excitement, I took my time reading the details, at least the ones that I can understand amidst the Korean characters. At the bottom, it says that the update is around 2GB of files that are going to be downloaded.

By the way, I am using an LG V20 F800S model.

Anyway, if you want to know and witness the whole story, check out my video from my YouTube channel about the entire update process. Kindly bear with the video quality as I just grabbed the nearest camera smartphone I have available to record and document the entire process and experience.

Just so you know, despite the video quality, there are certain parts of the video that lists all the new features and some bugs during the installation. So please have patience and watch the entire thing.

Also, feel free to express your thoughts down in the comment section below. I would love to know what you think. And maybe, answer a few questions as well.

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