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iPhone X Fold is a Stunning Foldable Phone But…

We just saw the iPhone X Fold trailer, and we were left in awe even after a couple of seconds the video ended. To tell you honestly, we love it. I am not a fan of iPhone products, but this concept of design might just put me on the other side of the platform.

Now, a report from BGR and some other news sites confirmed that Apple just bought a bunch of patents related to these upcoming device. While we all know the possibility of this device actually happening in the future, we cannot say for sure if it will get past the concept stage.

When is the iPhone X Fold Coming?

Apple is known for collecting patents and letting them be known to the world, but most will not see the light of day. Since the foldable phone is now a thing and making some trends in the mainstream, Apple could give more of their resources to the supposed iPhone X Fold.

If this is the case, we could be looking at this new Apple product sometime next year or so. With the company’s knack for taking their time, they will not be very eager to release this device sooner than we could hope for.

Apple will observe the market first until it’s viable enough to release this iPhone X Fold concept to the wild. It has always been their style. They let every other mobile company take the gamble, and when it looks safe to try on their own, they attack.

It has always been that way, and it seems to work on their end. So let’s not get our hopes up yet for this iPhone X Fold concept phone anytime soon.

Admiring the Future Foldable Phone

The trending iPhone X Fold video comes from ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel. With regards to the source of the concept, we cannot say for sure about its legitimacy. But if we are to judge the look of it, we will give it two thumbs up and here is why.

Courtesy of ConceptsIphone

If we look closely to the video, the iPhone X Fold has a remarkable similarity to the two foldable phones that was recently announced. These two foldable phone designs are the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X.

Samsung Galaxy Fold & Huawei Mate X

Actually, there are more sources that the design was inspired from. There was also the inner camera which looks like the Samsung Galaxy S10. The Infinity O was obviously the inspiration of that.

The fold was obviously derived from the Samsung Galaxy Fold which is inward. The back camera looks like that of Huawei Mate 20 Pro. And the second screen placed on the opposite side of the main screen was inspired by the Huawei Mate X.

iPhone X Fold Back Side

The design was overall sleek and gorgeous. That much is true. Except for the seemingly thick look when it folds, the iPhone X Fold can get 8 out of 10 stars from us.

But, hey. The thing is still a concept so we cannot really lean our hopes and dreams for this device. Let’s just hope this is where Apple will take its direction. Or if they plan a better design, it would be much appreciated. Stay tuned to our future posts for this.

Obviously, that was just our take on the iPhone X Fold. But let us know what you guys think? Is it as good-looking as we perceive it or is it just plain bad and ugly? Tell us in the comment section below and let’s have a discussion.

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