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Google Stadia: The Future of Gaming

After the long wait and rumors about a gaming platform that can accommodate even the low-end computing devices, it is finally here. Dubbed in development as Project Stream, the final stage named Google Stadia is going live globally this year.

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is basically a cloud-based gaming platform and service. The only requirement would be to have a decent internet connection and a computing device that Google supports. And that is pretty much the majority of current devices available to date. Yes, your Android device is included. From low-end handsets to Samsung Galaxy S10 level of the device or even future Android handsets, Google Stadia is expected to run flawlessly.

The Google Stadia aims to fulfill the huge gap that hinders all gamers around the world from getting their hands on any games especially online. That gap is usually hardware availability.

An ideal gaming hardware costs big time. To give you an idea, you could buy a house or a Dodge Challenger car. That’s about around $30,000.

Now, Google Stadia will cater to the gaming community with its server-based service. That means all of its supported content or game titles will be running on their end. That is why you will only need to have decent internet speed and the computing device to stream the game.

Google said that this service was partnered with AMD to produce the best GPU performance that was never seen before on any gaming console.

The Google Stadia promised to deliver 4K video quality in 60FPS in real-time. And in the coming development, an 8K video quality will follow as well.

And did we mention about the Stadia Controller? It looks weird but Google said it is powerful with the Google Stadia platform in focus. We’ll see about that.

What Can We Expect From Google Stadia?

Since this is a project from Google, we can expect that this is happening with utmost assurance. If any company can do this, it is Google nonetheless.

And the fact that this will also be available on Android devices, this makes even more exciting. A representative of Google said that this platform would cater to most existing gaming platforms and consoles. So that means your buddy with the PS4 can play with you on a PC or Android in real-time.

We are expecting the Google Stadia to be launched this year, 2019. Although no specific dates were mentioned, we hope that this will be soon.

When it comes to pricing, we do not know anything yet. So we cannot provide much except the information that Google revealed as of recently from the GDC 2019 event.

In your opinion, how much will this Google service cost? Tell us your rough estimation on this product. We would love to know your take on this.

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