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Google Chrome 74 Beta will Feature a Dark Mode Option

Google Chrome is also catching up to the dark mode hype. Recently, Facebook Messenger made some noise when they surprised their users with a dark mode theme. And with millions of people cry for dark-mode-everything, Google is also diving in.


Google Chrome on Dark Mode

The dark mode can be an excellent feature when it comes to using mobile devices. This holds true, especially when using handsets with bright displays at night. It reduces eye strains and prevents disadvantages when looking at smartphone screens for extended hours.

The dark mode will also significantly improve battery life on AMOLED or any other LED-based displays on smartphones. Plus the added health advantage if you use your smartphone before going to sleep is much appreciated. They should have thought of this a long time ago.

And now, Google’s decision to include native dark mode them on its platform makes it more accessible for all its users. It used to be a bit tricky when a user wants to put Google Chrome on dark mode. You will need to search and install third-party plugins just to get this feature to the web browser.

Even if you successfully installed and make the dark mode work on Chrome, it is not always working flawlessly. Websites and other platforms just do not support it.

So having the dark mode feature natively on Chrome will surely make a lot of difference. So this is where we are as excited as any avid user that wants this feature.

After the Google Chrome 74 beta, all users should now be able to access the dark mode on the main settings options.

Final Thoughts

We love that Google Chrome is finally giving us the dark mode feature. Let’s hope that other mobile apps will follow to this trend. Make it an option for those who like or love this simple themed feature.

What about you guys? Are you a fan of dark mode? Which app would you also like to have this kind of option? Tell us down below and let us know what you think.

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