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Drained Android Phone Batteries Caused by Scammers

Is your phone acting weird? Like, is it always feeling warmer than usual and the battery seems to get drained faster? If so, it probably is not the fault of your phone’s hardware or recent updates. Your phone could be a tool for scammers to get more money out of a simple advertisement popping up when you open an app.

Ad Stacking Scheme

This recently discovered scam on Android phones has just shaken the advertising industry. It would seem that this type of fraud has been going on for quite some time now.

This means that millions of dollars have just gone to scammers and the advertisers got nothing out of it. Not even a glance or exposure of their ads.

The discovery was led by Protected Media, a fraud detection private company to help out advertisers from being scammed. They found out that ads were placed on legit apps without the owner knowing it.

Reports found that the primary source of this ad scams is from video ads created by Aniview. It is an Israeli advertising company with a branch in New York. And yes, they denied any knowledge of it.

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How the Scam Works

The fraudsters’ system was simple but clever. They placed a stack of video ads behind a legitimate running ad that you can see. And seeing only one ad, a user is unknowing about the scheme that is happening in front of him.

This will result in having the phone battery drains faster and also causes it to get warmer than usual. Another result would be for the user’s data being used up because video advertisement requires download and streaming to a device.

So if by any chance that you have installed a recent app and something curious like this happened, it could be that you are a victim. Look out for the signs.

  • Your phone suddenly drains faster.
  • The device stays hot even in low usage or not in use.
  • And worst, your data plan was depleted without you knowing the cause.

If these behaviors suddenly manifest on your smartphone, there is a high chance that you have an app with that scheme. What you can do is uninstall the most recent app that seemed to have caused it. If these signs have been going on for some time, an old app might be the culprit.

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What you can do…

Of course, these are also signs that your phone is just probably having a bug. It could perhaps from a bad system update or just a poor battery.

To make sure and check if that is not the case, back up your phone’s important files and data. Reset it to factory settings. Then install only the most necessary apps first.

Observe if the fast battery drain is still in effect. If not, install the apps that you want one by one. Observe every time an ad runs when you open that app. It might be tedious work, but that’s how you can actually monitor which app is compromised and putting that much stress on your smartphone handset.

Or you can just install the apps that you trust for quite some time and hope for the best that they are not compromised. It’s up to you. That’s one of the many risks of today’s technology.

What do you think about your phone? Do you feel that your device is also acting up? Tell us in the comment section, and we will try to give you more hint about it.

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