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Apple iPhone 11 Will Finally Have Fast Charger Included

Thanks to Ming-Chi Kuo, we finally have an idea of what the iPhone 11 would feature. Well, at least some of it. That is still better than nothing. According to reports, the next iPhone will include an 18W charging capability or at least a charger with that capacity.

If you can recall, the iPhone X series has an in-built feature with a fast charging capacity. But unfortunately, the charging brick that comes with it has not. That means if you want to get the fast charging feature activated, you will need to buy the fast charging brick separately.

What can I say? Everything about Apple’s product is worth spending more money.

So now, since Samsung Galaxy S10 seems to be getting more attention, Apple does not like it. Then finally, they made a decision that was long overdue. The iPhone 11 will finally include fast charging brick and a bigger battery.

iPhone 11 and Upcoming Features

Now that we know about iPhone 11 and its supposed features let’s focus more on what it is all about. Get ready because there will be more surprises.

The iPhone 11 fast charging brick will not be exactly using the USB Type-C connector. Sourcing from Macotakara website, the upcoming iPhone model will use a Type-C cable but will still stick to the Lightning connector end.

While that sounds a bit off, it is still good in a way. Keep in mind that Apple cannot look like they are directly succumbing to Android’s features. They still have to play proud somehow.

Also, the Japanese website reported that the next iPhone would feature the reverse wireless charging capability. Wow, this gets even better.

As you may have known, Huawei Mate 20 Pro was the first flagship smartphone that featured the Wireless charging capability. It was then recently followed or copied by Samsung Galaxy S10.

Since Apple is keen on copying what is trending on Android’s side, it is not surprising that they are also working on an iPhone foldable phone. We will find out more in the coming updates.

Going back to iPhone 11 reverse wireless charging rumored capability, it is also possible that Apple wants all of their other devices to charge through the phone. That should include their wireless earbuds, Apple Watch and so on.

If this feature happens, they will need a battery big enough to support charging other devices. Hopefully, not just adding a couple of hundreds of mAh. That will be entirely useless and would drain the phone’s battery quickly.

Source: EverythingApplePro

The triple camera feature was also mentioned, but there are no solid reports on that yet. So we will wait for more reliable leaks on that and hopefully soon.

While we sound like we are hating on Apple for this belated long-overdue features, we still want this to be true. We need this to be true. Apple users deserved to be at the same game as Android users when it comes to the top of the line technology.

In Conclusion

Paying more for a device that is doing less than the others is not a good sign. It is just unfair. So we will look further on Apple for this. We will try to provide you with more updates as soon as they are available.

So in your opinion, what other features should Apple include on their upcoming iPhone 11 model? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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