This is Qkotman.com, and this site is a personal blog. Whatever you may read from this site is mine and my personal opinions.

Across this website, you will find different types of content. I do product reviews, movie and TV show reviews, current news and events, and some travel blogs on the side. Whatever I feel like writing at the time, rest assured that you will find it here as content.

About Me

My name is Rene Manguerra, and I am Qkotman. I am an online article writer and a novice vlogger on YouTube (Qkotman YT).

I do writing for clients who want my style of writing on their websites. That means you can hire me if you are interested in my work. For more samples of my work, check out my other website: https://qkotmanwriter.com.

I am a busy guy, and I always find time to be busy. Whether it’s for work or getting fit, I do not want to keep idle for long. I have to do or write something, and that keeps me on my feet.

If you want to see my works, what I do, and how I do, feel free to check out my social media accounts. Just type in “Qkotman” on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s not a common name so you should find me easy.

If you want to reach out to say hi or do business, you can reach me at manguerrarene@gmail.com. You can use that to ping me on Skype, but I hardly open my Skype so I would suggest you message me on my email address. I check it every morning before starting my day.

Enjoy this website, and please feel free to share any helpful content that you find here. I would appreciate it if you do. Thank you for reading this far.